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This is the final chance for universities to make sure they will be represented in all the relevant subject tables on May 22

Check this spreadsheet for your university’s entries

Make sure your university gets a proper showing in the university guide

The Guardian University Guide 2013 for undergraduates will be published on May 22, but today there is an opportunity for universities to preview some of the information that will appear in the guide.

The guide operates at subject level, representing within each subject table the institutions that provide courses in that discipline. There is a risk of misrepresenting the courses on offer to prospective undergraduates at each institution, so we give the universities and colleges several opportunities to opt out – or opt in – of the subject tables.

This preview is the last such opportunity – it shows the subjects that each institution will be displayed as providing in 2013.

Intelligent Metrix, the company that compiles the tables for the Guardian, applies some minimum thresholds. A department must have taught at least 35 full-time first-degree students in 2010-11.

Even if this criterion is satisfied, departments may be excluded from subject tables if we are missing too much statistical information about their performance. Under these circumstances, the institution will be mentioned at the foot of the subject table as a provider of the subject, but it will not be ranked and its data will not be displayed.

Institutions that are planning to offer subjects that they did not teach in 2010-11 can opt in to ensure they are mentioned as an unranked provider.

Please take a look at the participation of your institution in all relevant subjects and let us know if anything is amiss – either because your institution has been listed for a subject it doesn’t teach, or because it is missing from a subject that it does teach to undergraduates. Email

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